Goa Gong

Home for sale in Tiara Nusa Estate, Goa Gong, Jimbaran, Bali

The Tiara Nusa Estate in Goa Gong, Jimbaran is one of the most desirable communities in Bali. Tiara Nusa Estate in Goa Gong is a gated community of villas all with preserved views of the airport and ocean. Are you looking for a one of a kind villa that will never be replicated? This could be it. This villa was designed by famous German architect Walter Wagner of Habitat 5. Walter Wagner has designed some of the best villas in Bali. For some time, Walter also lived inside the Tiara Nusa Estate in Goa Gong. Gated communities are rare in Bali and Tiara Nusa is one of the best gated estates on the island.

This home is build on 550 m2 (5.5 are) of freehold land with almost 400 m2 of build. This home was built in 2003. Architect Walter Wagner worked with the challenging piece of land to create a space that is innovative and unique. The land was not cut and filled but rather the villa was built into the existing cliff. This home is not recommended for families with young children. Enjoy the views from this Tiara Nusa Estate home in Goa Gong.