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Taman Mumbul: Bali neighborhood guide

Taman Mumbul: Bali neighborhood guide

Taman Mumbul is located in the Nusa Dua area very close to the border of Jimbaran. The main access to Taman Mumbul is off the bypass road. There is a large entrance to the complex. When you enter Taman Mumbul the first thing you will notice is the wide access roads.

Taman Mumbul was developed many years ago when you could still buy cheap land in Bali. For new developments in Bali today, the land price is too high to make wide access roads or other amenities. Bali developers are not known for their generosity. Taman Mumbul looks almost like a neighborhood in a Western country. Well almost.

The main difference between Taman Mumbul and a Western neighborhood is the lack of zoning. Taman Mumbul has hotels, built next to villas, built next to residential houses, built next to condotels, built next to restaurants, built next to warungs. This lack of zoning makes Bali life more interesting and convenient. In many Western countries you have miles and miles of residential housing (suburbia) this can be really boring. In Bali it’s nice to be able to walk or ride a bike to your local warung or restaurant.

Swiss Bel-Hotel and Goodway Hotel and Resort are two of the most famous hotels built in Taman Mumbul. Both of the hotels have great views of Benoa Harbor.

Taman Mumbul is located right next to the entrance to the toll road connecting Nusa Dua to the airport and to Sanur. The toll road makes Taman Mumbul one of the most convenient places to live in Bali. You can access Sanur in just a few minutes and from there access all of Denpasar and the East coast. You can even send your kids to school in Sanur.

There are a few local schools near Taman Mumbul. For younger Children there are quite a few local options one of the most popular is the Garunda Bilingual School located near McD Jimbaran. For older children, The Bali International School  in Sanur or Sanur Independent School are probably the best options. In the past Sanur was too far away to take kids from Taman Mumbul but with the toll road its now just a quick drive.

For dining near Taman Mumbul there are many options. Taman Mumbul is very close to the Nusa Dua Resort area where you have many options for fine dining. Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua or the incredible dining The Mulia Bali are both sure to please. The buffets at the Mulia hotel are not to be missed. Sunday Brunch is very popular. For local Indonesian style food Waroeng Kampoeng is just past the entrance to Taman Mumbul on the bypass road.

Taman Mumbul real estate

The best villa estate in Taman Mumbul is Taman Yasa, a 22 villa complex. Taman Yasa is a gated community with 24 hour security. The complex is beautifully landscaped and offers a great villa experience. The villas are all built on very large land plots ranging from 10 to 50 are. All villas in Taman Yasa feature Balinese architecture. Many of the villas have alang alang roofs. There is a shared pool and clubhouse for villa owners. The residents of Taman Yasa have weekly potluck style open houses in their clubhouse. Taman Yasa is as close to a country club as you can get in Bali. To see photos of a Taman Yasa villa click here.

At the top of the Taman Mumbul hill is another gated community called Global Village. Global Village is more of a community of homes rather than villas. The homes in Global Village are built on smaller land plots of 1 to 3 are. There is a shared community pool.

Inside the same gated community as Global Village is a villa development called Putra Bali Hill. Developed by a Dutch Bali expat. The villas in Putra Bali Hill are very Balinese in style and build. All built with Balinese architecture and tile roofs on larger pieces of land.

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